Email Marketing Companies Review By Service Type


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Email Marketing Companies Reviewed By Service Categories


Being Able To Get Through Spam Filters

We will do a review based on which email marketing companies are successful at getting the email newsletters into the inbox and the email blasts into the inbox instead of the spam folder. Email blasts are very technical and it takes experienced email marketers to get your email through spam filters and into the inbox of recipients.

1. *** Aweber is a good company that delivers your emails directly into the inbox with their newsletters series that they let you setup. Aweber offers lots of templates for email blasts and email marketing newsletters. Visit their website.

2. *** Omega One Marketing / is another company that is able to get your email blasts through spam filters and into the inbox of recipients. They use white list status networks and their email messages get delivered into inbox of recipients because they change IPs regularly and randomize to avoid getting blacklisted and filtered off into junk. Visit their website.



Offering Large Email Blasts

Only a few companies can offer you large email blasts. A lot of email marketing companies are afraid of their IPs being black listed and because of that, they limit your email blasts and mass email services to about 50,000 or less.

1. *** Omega One Marketing / Omega One is an email marketing company that offers you the opportunity to send out millions of emails in email blasts. They have lots of email blast servers available to run your email advertising blasts. They handle everything for you and all you have to do is provide them with your ad message and the do the rest. The also provide you with real-time tracking which you can use to monitor the campaign traffic from your email blasts with them. Visit their website.

2. *** Email Deuce is another company that can send out large email blasts for you. The can send out lots of large consumer email data. For example they offer large penny stocks email blasts and large business opportune or home owners email marketing blasts. Email Deuce a good company to use for email marketing like mass email marketing.


Offering Targeted Email Marketing

There are a few email marketing companies that can target specifically to certain types of people and certain geographic locations. With a targeted email marketing service, you will be able to send out email blasts to people in the location that you want. Targeted email blasts also allow you to target people of a certain career title, gender or income level.

Omega One Marketing is an email marketing company that offer lots of different targets to choose from. They offer you targets like city and state targets, gender targeted email marketing service. They allow you to target income level and career specific targets. Visit their website.

Servertron is another company that allows you to target very specifically to types of individuals, locations and more. Servertron Email Marketing allows you narrow your email marketing campaign to people in certain cities, countries and states. The also allow you to target people by income, career type and gender. Visit their website.

Constant Contact is another company that allows you to do targeted email marketing. But you have to use your own targeted email lists for the email marketing campaigns. Visit their website.

Innovations Email Marketing also allow targeted email marketing campaigns to many specific categories. The allow you to select their own list for you email blast campaigns and you can target people in specific location, people in specific careers and job titles. Innovations email marketing also allows you to target by zip code, by business revenue, by personal income level and by gender. Visit their website.


Offering Excel Email Lists

Omega One Marketing offers Quality excel email lists. All their excel email lists are tested for deliverability. Omega One Marketing has a large database of excel email lists. They have over 60 million in quality excel email lists and they are sorted and cleaned.